Today's economy, coupled with the need to conserve business assets to provide the flexibility to focus on growth, means that businesses no longer are employing full-time staff attorneys, and are instead retaining an outside business law attorney for immediate help as needs arise. 

Your business will need the assistance of competent counsel.  It may be for negotiation of a lease or employment initiation/termination package, or it could be to address supplier or customer issues.

There are also many issues involving the creation, purchase or sale of a business which require the assistance of a highly qualified attorney.

Whatever the need, smart business sense means having a business law attorney ready to help immediately. Contact Spencer & Stahl, P.C. to consult with a business law attorney in Columbia, MD.



​Your needs for a family law attorney in Columbia, MD begin with your engagement.  It is at this point that you must consider an Antenuptial Agreement, commonly called a "Prenup."

Your needs may also be that of assistance in managing your divorce, which could include child custody, visitation and support matters, as well as the disposition of your marital assets, such as your home, business and retirement assets, and finally, dealing with alimony.  Those same matters can arise even if you are not married to your children's other parent.  As time passes, you may also need to modify your child custody, visitation or support.  Since 2013, it is also possible that the previously mentioned family law issues may be present in a same-sex marriage.

No matter the situation, we are here to help you through this difficult time in your life.  Our goal is to minimize the negative impact on your family, and especially your children, while protecting you throughout the process.

Whether you need to speak with a divorce attorney or child custody attorney in Columbia, MD, schedule a consultation with Spencer & Stahl, P.C. 


Whether working for your family or your business, the focus must be your needs.  We will work closely together to examine your specific situation and how it fits into current law.  Together, we will then create a logical, cost-effective solution that will be designed to satisfy your needs as quickly as possible.


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Who will care for your young children if you and your spouse were to die today? Without proper advance planning, you will have no say in that decision.

As our children age, the need to  protect family assets and ensure that our loved ones are provided for becomes greater.  Without careful and measured advance planning, you run the risk of leaving assets subject to probate or unnecessary taxation.

Protecting your family with appropriate advance planning documentation should be your first priority, as it ensures that if an unfortunate event occurs, the people you care about most will be cared for.

Turn to an expert in probate law and trust administration, schedule an appointment at Spencer & Stahl, P.C. today.


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