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Starting and running a business takes up all of your time.  Worrying about how to deal with legal issues that arise is something that you don't need distracting you from making money.  We are here to help you get through every legal decision that must be made for your Columbia, MD company.


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Frequently asked Business Law questions


These are some frequently asked questions encountered in the business law arena.  It's important to realize that it is impossible to address your business's situation without knowing the facts specific to your business and your industry.  Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you focus on maximizing profits and minimizing expenses.

I am the only employee of my business.  Can't I just start doing my work and making money?


Our country is built by people who took risks and started their own companies.  Just because your company is small doesn't mean it has to act small.  Besides, having the strength to go into business for yourself doesn't mean it should be done without taking the right steps along the way.  Having the correct business entity can save you substantial money in taxes, and can protect your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.  Setting up your business the right way, the first time, will protect you in the long term.  


I already started a business.  My friend told me it's too late to change what's already been done.


It is never too late to make your business better and more efficient.  Whether it's the structure of your business, the agreements you have for operating your business, or the contracts you have with suppliers, buyers and employees, there is always room for improvement.

My friend told me that it's best that I start an LLC.  Is that right?


There are many different ways to organize a business in Maryland, and some extra Federal issues to consider as well.  It is impossible to know which structure is best for your business without exploring where your business is now, where you want it to be in the future, and your hopes for your business.


How can some lawyer ever know what's right for my business?


Your business may as well be your baby.  You want what's best for it.  You've helped it grow, and you have hopes and dreams for it in the future.  The goal is to take your passion for your business, and couple it with the knowledge of our professionals to help you maximize profits, minimize expenses, and prepare you for the growth your company deserves.

Maryland's State Department of Assessments and Taxation is a vital resource for the organization, maintenance, modification and closing of a business in Maryland.  Start there to see if your desired business name is available.

Look to Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing and Revenue to learn about Unemployment Insurance, Occupational and Professional Licensing and regulatory information.