Your first contact with one of our attorneys is usually through a consultation. A consultation is a meeting between you and one of our attorneys during which your case or matter is discussed.


During the consultation, the attorney will provide you with:

  • a statement of the law as it applies to your particular case,

  • answers your questions about your case,

  • and assists you to develop a strategy going forward in your case.


Consultations usually last approximately an hour. Although this is not usually enough time to learn all of the details of your case, it is enough time to provide you with the guidance that you need to take the next steps in your case. Hiring an attorney is a personal decision and there should be a good working relationship between you and the attorney that you hire.

The cost for the consultation is based upon the attorney’s hourly rate. The payment for the consultation is due upon the completion of the consultation.


In order to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys:

  • contact our office, either by phone or by email

  • our staff will speak to you and determine the parties in the case, the type of case, and some basic facts about the case

  • our staff will also determine whether any of our attorneys have represented the other party(ies) in your case, usually called a conflicts check. In such an instance, we likely cannot meet with you but may try to refer you to another attorney. If there are no conflicts, our staff will schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys at a time convenient for you. 


Almost always, these consultations are in person meetings in our office. In rare occasions, they can be held by phone or video conference. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our office.

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