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The very words are enough to make most people cringe.  It takes an attorney with experience, knowledge, the drive to fight for what's right, and the heart to know how to get there.  We will give you all of that, and more.  


The time you spend in your divorce, or modification, can be some of the most important, and exhausting, you will face.  We are here to help you through the process, doing our best to protect you from pitfalls and helping you reach your optimum goal.


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These are some frequently asked questions encountered in the family law arena.  It's important to realize that it is impossible to address your situation without knowing the facts specific to your life.  


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I stayed at home while my spouse worked.  My friend told me that I'll get the kids automatically.


There is no guarantee that anything will happen once your matter goes in front of a Judge.  In only the most extreme of situations does one parent have the children 100% of the time.  Normally, time for each parent with the children is split, based on what is best for the children.



My spouse and I separated and are doing great with the kids. I really don't want to aggravate the situation by asking for a Separation Agreement.


It's commendable if you and your spouse can work effectively together during, and after the divorce process. However, you must have certain decisions made in your life in order to get a final divorce decree.  If you and your husband are unable, for any reason, to sign a final Separation Agreement that deals with all issues regarding your children and your finances, a judge in your county will make that decision for you.  Remember that it is generally in your, and your children's best interests, if you and your spouse reach an agreement, rather than having a trial in court.

Can't I just take the money out of the accounts and leave with the kids?


Sometimes, the things that sound like the best ideas are really the worst.  Except in the most extreme of situations, running away from problems only creates more.  Before taking any further step towards a separation or divorce, it is best to speak with an attorney.  


I don't feel safe with my spouse and I'm scared she'll hurt me if I ask for a divorce.  What do I do?


The first thing to do is to take steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your children.  Call the police.  Call a help center. Tell family.  Ask for help.  That help should include an experienced attorney that will fight to protect you and your children in the legal battle to come.  

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