You have spent years building up your financial portfolio. Don't let your divorce wipe it out. Let us help you protect what is yours.

Business owners and other highly compensated individuals oftentimes face a divorce process that does not readily understand their usually complex incomes. You need experienced counsel that not only understands but can explain these complexities and can advocate for you.


Nearly every divorce has some degree of conflict and many have complex issues to be resolved. Divorces involving highly compensated individuals or those with extensive assets are almost always complex. Without a valid prenuptial agreement, any property obtained during the marriage could be subject to division regardless of how these items are titled. This includes homes, cars, investments, cash accounts, and even the furniture and furnishings in your home. 

Divorce is rarely simple for wealthy couples. Besides the emotional stress you'll be experiencing, you will also have to navigate:

  • A determination of your actual income for calculating child support and spousal support, which may include bonuses, commissions, incentives, stock option awards, qualified deferred compensation;

  • The valuation and potential division of marital and investment properties;

  • The valuation and potential division of cash accounts and other investments

  • The valuation and potential division of retirement accounts, investment accounts, and stock holdings; and

  • The valuation and potential division of business interests.

Spencer & Stahl has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the laws that can help you preserve what you have accumulated. Visit our website to find out more about us.

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Chad G. Spencer has been an attorney for 16 years with experience in family and business law. Chad has helped hundreds of families with issues ranging from Prenuptial Agreements to divorces (including same-sex couples), and from child custody and visitation matters to modifications of child support, as well as work on guardianships and Peace and Protective Orders. He has been appointed by the Court to represent children in highly contested custody matters. Chad's business law clients include consultancies, specialty trades, Information Technology, real estate, housing, retail, medical and psychological services, alcoholic beverages, and philanthropic services.

Thomas B. Stahl has been a family and estate law attorney for over 12 years. He is a highly recognized attorney who has worked on many complex and high conflict divorce cases. Having served as the President of the Howard County Bar Association (2015-2016), the Governor of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) Board of Directors (2016-2018), and has served as one of the MSBA’s delegates to the American Bar Association House of Delegates (2018-2019), Tom is a highly respected and recognized attorney in the state of Maryland. He has completed the Advanced Program at the 2012 Institute for Family Law Associates sponsored by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.



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